Pipe Fence

Pipe fencing is an extremely durable and versatile fencing system that provides years of trouble free service. The Payne Acres team has more than 20 years of experience installing a variety of types of pipe fences and corral systems in Argyle, Celina, Lantana, Highland Village and the greater North Texas area.

With that level of experience, you can rest assured that we can help you choose the perfect pipe fence for your needs. We have designed hundreds of Pipe Fence systems for many satisfied customers over the years.

Payne Acres specializes in all types of pipe fencing including pipe on pipe and pipe and cable. New steel pipe fencing not only looks great but may also contribute to the value of your property. A Pipe fence by Payne Acres will be designed and installed to fit your needs.

Steel Pipe Fencing for Horse Fencing in North DFW

Steel pipe fence has been a popular option for horse fencing for a long time. And it makes sense – what could be stronger than steel, right? Obviously, you want your fence to be made of a material that will securely contain your horses without being concerned about their safety. For many horse owners, a steel pipe fence would seem to do that job.

Pipe fencing can be used to accommodate and enclose most cattle and horses, and it can also be used to provide an attractive addition to your ranch, farm, or even suburban estate.
While other fences may need to be replaced, a pipe fence provides strength and durability for many years to come. Give us a call today for your pipe fence.

Payne Acres Offers High Quality Pipe Fencing You Can Trust

  • We use only #1 Grade Oil Field Pipe – No Thin Wall Cheap Pipe
  • Our Pipe is Never Contaminated (call for details)
  • High-Strength Welds
  • All Posts Set in Concrete
  • Custom-Designed Gates and Entries

Flexible, Strong, Low Maintenance Pipe FencingPipe fencing is very durable. Pipe fence requires little maintenance and there is no other fencing material that will last as long as a pipe fence. Fencing is a costly investment so it only makes sense to use a high quality material that will last.

Pipe fencing design is extremely flexible. Pipe comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so it’s easy to design a fence for whatever your needs may be. For corrals and handling facilities, pipe fencing is very strong and sturdy. Pipe fencing is a very popular choice for horse fence because it is particularly visible and safe. It is simple to vary the height of the posts or number of rails depending on whether the fence is being used for boundaries, corrals, paddocks, pens, cattle, horses, or sheep. Pipe is also the material of choice for portable panels, gates, and cattle crossings.

Safe Livestock Fencing

Pipe fencing is safe. With pipe fencing, there are no boards to splinter, no barbs to injure, or rails that bend and pop out under pressure. A pipe fence is strong enough to prevent livestock from escaping from the most crowded corral.


A lot of fence pipe is sourced from oil fields, and a lot of it has been contaminated by chemicals and other dangerous elements. At Payne Acres, we only use top grade pipe for our fence systems. Call our team for more details.

How to Choose the Right Size Fence Pipe

Congratulations!  You’ve chosen to build your fence from pipe!  If you’re at this point, you already know that your fence will be the longest lasting, strongest, and easiest to maintain fence, as well as attractive, and the most adaptable to you and/or your livestock’s needs.  But now that you’ve made the decision to build your pipe fence, how do you decide what the best pipe size is?

There are many considerations that go into designing a fence and choosing the right size of pipe will make sure that you have the perfect fence.  Horse fencing, for example, needs to be highly visible, strong enough for the horse to lean on it, and yet flexible enough to prevent injury.  A large diameter, lighter weight, high tensile pipe is perfect for horses.  In fact, increasing the diameter (without increasing the thickness) multiplies the load that a single piece of pipe can bear exponentially. 

One Size Fits All for Pipe Fence?

One single size, or weight, of pipe absolutely does not fit all.  Buying the correct size will make your fence safer, stronger, and more cost effective.